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    Why Social Media Reporting?

    Understand What Content Engages On Social
    Our reporting dashboard allows you to get ongoing analysis about your competition so you can insure you are writing the best content for your social media
    Receive Regular Strategic Guidance
    Our reporting tool allows you to get expert advice on content in real time
    One Click Content Creation
    Use Our Insights And Analysis And Let Us Create Content With A Click Of A Button

    How It Works

    Why Do Social Listening?

    Total amount raised in last six months.

    Social Listening is an important part of any social selling campaign. This is because the success or failure of a social media campaign hinges on whether you can create and sustain compelling conversations online. Social Listening enables you to accomplish this.

    We are proud to launch our latest report on Open Data that will enable customers to take full advantage of the tremendous opportunity that Open Data represents

    Our engagements draw on the experience and expertise of our Business Analytics consultants to provide insight and advice to clients.

    The Process

    A social listening report is a detailed analysis of your buyers behaviour on social media. Our reports are also designed to give you leading insight into what content your buyers are engaging with. This information is critical in the formulation of any company’s Marketing strategy.

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    Our report process starts with a one hour consultation which is aimed to set the key goals and deliverables from the report. In addition to the information which we would aim to supply, we would aim to find out more information you would you find really valuable from this task? What would give you the most ROI? Keywords: What words/phrases will we need to research?

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    At this stage, we would be in a position to compile the report itself:  Our report size varies anywhere from 3,000 Р4.000 words depending on the context of our findings. Our reporting process consists of following and recording the activity of your customers on Social media for a two week period. In this period we would be able to get an idea of what type of conversations your buyers are engaging with. We would investigate what groups and influencers your buyers follow and interact with.

    go Executive Presentation & Report presentation

    After writing a report, we would then adapt our findings into a one hour presentation. The aim of the presentation would be for other members of your team to understand our findings from the report. We would also present a social selling strategy which we believe would work for your team.

    What Is Social Listening?

    The Social Selling Company have delivered exceptional results to our business in a very short space of time. They've added fresh thinking, commercial acumen and real focus to our business development strategy and they're a pleasure to work with
    Mike ashton
    Mike Ashton
    CMO - Hilton Hotel &
    The Social Selling company revolutionised our social selling strategy and we were amazed by the significant increase in business as a result of the campaign he ran for us in such a short period of time. I would highly recommend his services!
    Ray bricknel
    Ray Bricknell
    Managing Director - Behind Every Cloud
    We have been using the Social Selling Company over the last year to assist us with leveraging the value of LinkedIn as part of our pipeline building activities. It is fair to say that the advice they have given and the results that have been achieved have more than met our expectations over this time. I would happily recommend them to others looking to integrate the potential of "social "selling" as a lead generation activity alongside more traditional sales methods  
    Chris Northern
    Chris Northern
    Commercial Director

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