2018 Social Media Trends

    James Saward-Anderson
    James Saward-Anderson

    http://laurier-optical.com/locations/?wpsl-search-input=L5V 2X8 2018 will be a defining year for anyone with an interest in Social Media marketing.

    get link I believe this to be the case, as I can see how many people are adopting Social as an important part of their marketing mix.

    buy prednisone 1 mg I think there are a lot of exciting developments in the world of Social, but I believe there are four trends, in particular, that will emerge next year and really dictate the tone of 2018 on Social.

    1: Live Streaming & Serialised Content

    I really believe 2018 will be the year when we move away from seeing content creation as a sporadic exercise in organised forms of serial content. From a practical angle, Facebook Watch will be released, which is being billed as the new platform for shows on Facebook.

    This means that small business owners are going to have to put more thought into the storytelling element of their content creation. 2017 was the year when the light bulb went on for a lot of business owners, who realised that social media was the #1 channel they should exploit for their marketing efforts. In 2018, we will start to see the mass adoption of Social Media by businesses, which means that engagement will become increasingly hard to gain.

    The winners here will be those who can tell stories and create serial forms of content to hook their buyers. This is actually a lot harder than it sounds. For example, “document don’t create” is a phrase I always remind myself of when I am stuck thinking about what kind of content I am creating. I often pick up my phone at this point and start filming myself or my staff, and boom you have a bit of content.

    Facebook even recommends the kind of content that does best in this format, which it describes as:

    – Shows that engage fans and community.

    – Live shows that connect directly with fans

    – Shows that follow a narrative arc or have a consistent theme

    I have seen first-hand with our work that the winners on Social are those who embrace content creation and embed it into their everyday lives. They understand that engagement is digital currency and you can turn this into hard pound notes if you understand how to Social Sell.

    2: B2B Influencers Will Play A Larger Role

    Influencer Marketing took the B2C Market by storm in 2017, but I believe it will be the turn of B2B influencers in 2018. What swayed me on this was LinkedIn’s move into video, which has essentially opened the doors for a series of influencers to emerge. If you want to take Social seriously, then you cannot ignore the power that influencers have in this space. By the end of the year, I predict that we will see thousands of individuals appear who consistently get high engagement. These individuals will represent the first wave of true B2B influencers.

    3: The Rise Of Dark Social

    “Dark Social” refers to hyper-localised Social Media activity in a private network. In simple terms, it is the personal network groups of friends that you have on your WhatsApp group. Facebook has backed platforms that hugely encourage this behaviour. In 2014, they acquired WhatsApp and this year they have continued to invest heavily into their messenger platform with the beta launch of Facebook for Work.

    I think we will see the first wave of successful marketing at these Dark Social networks in 2018, and hyper-localised campaigns will see a huge ROI, as it will feel more authentic and real. For example, I could see a sports brand using some of their athletes to join special WhatsApp groups where users could join and ask questions. That group would also have exclusive content from the athlete, which would make the users feel incredibly connected to the brand. In the context of the B2B mix, I think businesses will increasingly adopt WhatsApp as a form of communication with buyers. We will see specialised groups dedicated to solving certain issues provide buyers with lively communication among their peers.

    4: Chatbots Will Increase In Prominence

    With Messenger apps on the rise, we will continue to see more engagement with virtual assistants on social. This will have huge ramifications for companies that use Social Media as a customer experience tool. I see Social becoming an increasingly important channel for improving customer experience. After all, it is where many people spend most of their time when browsing online.

    Studies show that consumers are experiencing mobile app fatigue. This is partly down to saturation, but it is also due to falling demand in the requirements for them. One of those exceptions is mobile messaging apps, as consumers are now spending an increasing amount of time on messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WeChat and others.

    In the B2B context, I think chatbots will become more intelligent and be able to solve increasingly complex problems. We could see data science companies deploying chatbots to help their customers deploy technology that previously needed a human to explain. Chatbots can also be connected to a variety of data sources via APIs to deliver information and services on demand, ranging from weather forecasts to order requests.

    These are just a few of my predictions. What do you think?

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