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    Client challenge

    Evaluate and enter potential new markets using data-driven decision making:

    Lack of engaging content for creative directors meant that marketing was failing to engage
    No social media presence in relation to competitors meant that outreach was impacted
    Lack of attendance at quarterly marketing conferences

    More about problem

    The Social Selling company began working with RMG Networks in July 2017.  Their core issues were threefold. Firstly they were struggling to compete with their competitors online with general engagement falling below industry averages, secondarily there was an appreciation but little understanding of how social media impacted the sales cycle and thirdly they were suffering from low attendance at there quarterly marketing events designed to focus on decision makers in the customer experience space.

    Our solution

    Create compelling content series focused on customer experience managers on LinkedIn, Promote thought leadership model and drive engaged leads to quarterly events

    Define Thought Leader & Create 12 Week Content Plan
    Build A Database Of Engaged Decision Makers From The Customer Experience Space On LinkedIn
    Set up And Capture Engaged Leads And Then Drive To Quarterly Events

    More about solutions

    Our priority was to insure that RMG had a defined thought leader which could act as the “face” of RMG on social media.  We accomplished this by giving one of their senior leadership teams a detailed social media audit and transformation. For this campaign we focused on LinkedIn and Twitter. Our audit process involved us securing endorsements and recommendations on the leaders profile. We also created and published a series of content associated with the event theme we intended to promote at a later date.

    At this point we enabled our database capture phase which involved a deployment of our automation suite of technology to give our associated thought leader a huge highly targeted audience to market towards.  Whilst this process was being undertaken we continued to publish and rank engagement on social according to engagement displayed on LinkedIn. We also created the “hard” framework needed to promote the event successfully. This included landing pages, message copy, tagging and database management solutions.

    The final stage of the campaign was focused on engagement conversion. This exercise involved us segmenting the total sum of engaged individuals who displayed a buying signal and then nurturing them through our social selling framework until they were ready to be invited to the event.

    From the results of our activity RMG managed to invite over 80 senior decision makers to their event over two sessions and saw a 250% increase in their marketing funnel from 8 weeks activity.

    Our people


    I believe that social media is the most powerful channel for businesses to communicate…

    Maxwell Hannah


    The speed of implementation will become a competitive advantage in itself. Advice shows…

    Alex Hannah

    Account Manager

    Alex Hannah is a senior account manager at The Social Selling Company who is responsibl…

    Phillip Sakellarios

    Social Selling Assistant
    The Social Selling Company have delivered exceptional results to our business in a very short space of time. They've added fresh thinking, commercial acumen and real focus to our business development strategy and they're a pleasure to work with
    Mike ashton
    Mike Ashton
    CMO - Hilton Hotel &
    The Social Selling company revolutionised our social selling strategy and we were amazed by the significant increase in business as a result of the campaign he ran for us in such a short period of time. I would highly recommend his services!
    Ray bricknel
    Ray Bricknell
    Managing Director - Behind Every Cloud
    We have been using the Social Selling Company over the last year to assist us with leveraging the value of LinkedIn as part of our pipeline building activities. It is fair to say that the advice they have given and the results that have been achieved have more than met our expectations over this time. I would happily recommend them to others looking to integrate the potential of "social "selling" as a lead generation activity alongside more traditional sales methods  
    Chris Northern
    Chris Northern
    Commercial Director

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