Connecting Businesses With Their Buyers On Social Media

    How can we help? The future of modern communication is underpinned by Social Media. It is estimated that by 2020 over 3/4 of the global population will have a social media profile. In the context of the B2B landscape, building a coherent strategy on social will define the success of your brand reputation online. Despite these facts, many businesses have little to no formal policy or framework to operate successfully online. This is where The Social Selling Company can help.

    B2B Social Media Users
    C-Level Decision Makers On LinkedIn + Twitter
    Countries With Over 80% Social Media Usage
    Welcome To A Leader In Social Media In Finance And Financial Services.

    We help some of the largest finance and financial services organisations create and deploy social media campaigns which remain industry compliant and create engagement.

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    Create Compelling Narratives And Conversations Around Your Technology.

    In the fast moving world of technology, social media will play an increasingly important role in communicating with your buyers. Our specialism in technology allows us to help drive these narratives and put your solution in front of the buyers that matter most to your business.

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    Use Social Media To Transform Your Patients Customer Experience.

    Social media permeates virtually every aspect of a person’s digital life. Patients are using social media as a major source of information and an integral part of their healthcare research journey. It is therefore imperative that pharma companies be present on social media to provide full and balanced information to consumers. Find out how The Social Selling Company can you accomplish this

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    Educating The General Public In The Safe Use Of Social Media

    As social media permeates the daily lives of the global community, increased awareness of the dangers and opportunities faced by it's platforms will become paramount in the education of citizens. At the Social Selling company, we provide half days and training which is designed to help educate people about how to use social media to enrich their lives.

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    The Social Selling Company have delivered exceptional results to our business in a very short space of time. They've added fresh thinking, commercial acumen and real focus to our business development strategy and they're a pleasure to work with
    Mike ashton
    Mike Ashton
    CMO - Hilton Hotel &
    The Social Selling company revolutionised our social selling strategy and we were amazed by the significant increase in business as a result of the campaign he ran for us in such a short period of time. I would highly recommend his services!
    Ray bricknel
    Ray Bricknell
    Managing Director - Behind Every Cloud
    We have been using the Social Selling Company over the last year to assist us with leveraging the value of LinkedIn as part of our pipeline building activities. It is fair to say that the advice they have given and the results that have been achieved have more than met our expectations over this time. I would happily recommend them to others looking to integrate the potential of "social "selling" as a lead generation activity alongside more traditional sales methods  
    Chris Northern
    Chris Northern
    Commercial Director